Scheduling my time from now on.

The other day I got thinking about the amount of time it takes become an expert in something. Conventional wisdom says that it takes 10000 hours of deliberate practice. You can’t just go through the motions and expect to get better at something you want to learn. You have to work on your weaknesses. Continue reading “Scheduling my time from now on.”

My fight with potato chips.

Recently I have put on more and more weight. I have been avoiding updating the blog for that very reason. It’s been frustrating and embarrassing. Especially since I don’t eat much junk food at all. Except for potato chips. They are just so damn delicious. My mouth waters just thinking about them.

I talked to my fitness trainer about it and asked for his advice. He told me to treat it as an addiction because chips aren’t like other types of food. You can’t have just one like the commercial says. When I got home from the gym, I wish I could say I threw out the remaining chips I had in the cupboard but I can’t imagine wasting food like that. The bag was almost finished so I finished it, crumpled up the bag and had my last chips.

That was yesterday. Today I went to the grocery store and walked right by the chips without a second thought. I am now on day one of no chips and so far it’s going great. I am going to try and make it until the end of the year. One of the things I’ll do to deal with the cravings is to drink water orĀ tea. It’ll be tough but it’ll go a long way to helping me lose weight.


Doctor’s Orders

I recently got tested for food intolerances and the results were not great. The results shows that I’m intolerant to dairy, eggs, some meats, barley and wheat. The results also showed that I have a lot of inflammation going on and my body is working too hard fighting it. I need to go egg-free, dairy-free and gluten-free to lower my inflammation. Continue reading “Doctor’s Orders”

The Most Important Tool of Weight Loss.

In my humble opinion, the most important thing you can do to lose weight is to consistently measure your results. I like to jump on the scale every morning, to start my day. Some other people prefer to step on it once a week. 
But wait, there’s more!

Getting Back At It.

I have been dealing with a bit of stress lately and not been keeping up all the great habits that have been helping me. I am trying to exercise more than I have been in the past few months. It has been really hard to get back on track Continue reading “Getting Back At It.”

Off The Wagon

Recently I went on vacation and basically stopped doing everything that was making me healthy. I was using the excuse, “oh it’s okay, I’m on vacation.” Well the vacation has caught up with me. It’s time to get back on track or the wagon. I’m not great with metaphors. Continue reading “Off The Wagon”