My House Is My Temple.

Having travelled the world and been in 100’s of temples, churches and mosques I can tell you that there are certain things that all holy places have in common that I think to promote peace of mind. I think that it is important to treat your home like a temple.
clean Many times when you go to a Buddhist temple you will see a monk or two sweeping up. Even if there isn’t much to sweep up it, they still do it! I can’t think of a single holy place I’ve visited that was not clean.
I used to hate cleaning up, but I find more and more these days it helps promote peace of mind. I deserve to live in a clean place so I clean up after myself and the end result is that I feel better about myself because I am living in a space that I feel I deserve. It also helps promote routine and can help you take your mind off of things that might be bothering you. It gives you something to focus on.
Speaking of focus, I think I can focus and reflect better when there are few noises going on. Every temple I’ve been to has been pretty quiet. They may have some music on, be chanting or something but the sound is contusive to reflection not distracting from it. If I want to focus on something I’ll turn off the TV and often even keep my music down. If I really need to concentrate then everything will be turned off. Your home should promote stress relief as much as possible. And one way of doing that is to get rid of distracting noises.
Another thing I see in places of worship is that they all have fantastic pieces of art. I think that it’s really important to have great art in your home. It doesn’t have to be religious but it should be something that you enjoy looking at. Any piece that makes you go “wow” should go up on your wall. I like my art to be more on the bright and positive side but that’s just me. I think that the images that we see every day have an impact on our mood and general outlook on life.
I am sure that there are many other ways that we can make our homes more friendly to our mental health but these are the three main ones for me. I can assure you that if you treat your home well, it’ll treat you well in return.

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