Doctor’s Orders

I recently got tested for food intolerances and the results were not great. The results shows that I’m intolerant to dairy, eggs, some meats, barley and wheat. The results also showed that I have a lot of inflammation going on and my body is working too hard fighting it. I need to go egg-free, dairy-free and gluten-free to lower my inflammation.I think that cheese will be the hardest thing to cut out, but it’s got to go. Bye bye cheese pizza. I don’t drink much milk or other dairy products so that’s not a huge deal. However while shopping I found that milk products are used in a a lot of foods that we eat, including gluten-free food.

Egg was also found in a lot of products, especially vegetarian foods. It’s used as a binding agent in food such as vegetarian hamburgers, etc..

It’s easy to just stop eating eggs and drinking milk. However the problem is it’s in a lot of foods that you wouldn’t think needed these ingredients.

I bought some gluten-free bread today and had it for breakfast with some salted butter. I have to say it was pretty good. When I looked online for gluten-free foods, I was surprised to see that the list was not nearly as massive or restrictive as I originally feared. I can still have some potato chips and other snacks. It also looks like I’m going to have to switch from beer to wine.

I don’t think that these intolerances are going to very difficult to manage. All it is going to take is a bit of research, some creativity and determination. After all it’s the Doctor’s orders.

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One thought on “Doctor’s Orders”

  1. If you eat a real food based diet then there aren’t any ingredients to look at. A carrot is a carrot, lettuce is lettuce etc. Look for vegan items as they won’t have any egg or dairy. And clear your house of things that have that stuff in it. Eating out is frustrating unless you order vegan. Good luck

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