I’m Putting Together A Team

I recently discovered that the biggest obstacle I have to overcome in order to achieve my goals is myself. I am my own worst enemy. So far I’ve been trying to take myself one on one. But that was not working out so well. For a long time I thought that I could lose the weight on my own and I have to admit that for me it’s just not a tenable solution.

A few days ago I decided that I’m going to take up MMA. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and now I’m in a position to do it. I could’ve just signed up for classes and called it a day but I talked with some of the trainers there and told them I want get trained seriously and take advantage of all the gyms services. They have a nutritionist and many excellent trainers on deck that I look forward to working with.

If you want to be successful at something, whether it’s losing weight, learning MMA, or playing guitar you need to surround yourself with people who not only support you but can teach you. Sure you can do things on your own, but I think things will go a lot more smoothly if you get others involved and put together a team.

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