The Legend of White Tea

One day, in a village high in the mountains of China’s Yunnan province, a farmers daughter fell ill. It was during wintertime so there was no access to their village, and no way to get to a doctor. However there was a shaman near the top of the mountain. The farmer and his wife decided to take their daughter up the mountain to see the shaman. The journey took a week to reach the summit and unfortunately the daughter died along the way. The farmer decided to talk to the shaman anyway, to see if anything could be done.

The shaman told him to bury his daughter at the top of the mountain as an offering to the gods. He said to them that her spirit would rise to the heavens and it would become moonlight. He then told them that where ever the moonlight touched tea would grow.

Weeks later the snow melted and from the ground sprouted the farmer’s biggest crop of tea he had ever seen. He decided to harvest some of the tea and try it for himself. He and his wife thought the tea was delicious and decided to call it Moonlight tea. From then on they felt their daughter was with them always.

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