C25K Challenge Day 10

I decided to go for a run this morning after recovering from a massive hangover and getting over my jet lag. This is the first time I have ever gone for a run in the morning. Normally I am on the treadmill around 5pm. I found the run to be quite relaxing. It was a good way for me to take my mind off of things and get my day started. 

After my run I had an English Muffin from McDonalds. Not the best choice but I am on vacation and this was the only place open at the early hours of the morning. I’m going to try and keep my meals simple and low cal as possible. For lunch I want to have some fried rice with beef or egg. I am not sure what I will do for dinner. 

I also did some push ups this morning and will probably go for a long walk later today. 

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