Journey to the East

In late October I decided that I was going to return to the Far East. I used to live in the heart of Yunnan province, China. I had spent three years there trying to build a business and failing at it. I had no idea what I was doing and half assed everything I tried. That left me with nothing to show but embarrassment and feeling like a failure. This was also the time when I was at my heaviest. This sent me into a crushing depression that I did not handle well.
Despite that I still love the city and the people that live here. The food is amazing and there is no other place on Earth to get a better cup of tea. When you aren’t enjoying some Egg Noodle Soup, or having a fine cup of Puerh tea, you might find yourself shooting the breeze with the locals. They are very relaxed and laid back here. Must be all the tea they drink here.

I am thinking about doing some Tai Chi while I’m over here. I used to know a martial arts master here that knows three types of Tai Chi as well as several Kung fu styles. I used to train with him but didn’t keep up with it due to my depression. I think it would be a lot of fun to try again.

As well as doing some Tai Chi, I also want to play my harmonica over here. I tried to learn how to play several years ago, at my friends insistence, but gave up because of that damn depression again. It just sucks the life out of everything. However last year I took some lessons and learned a few songs as well as how to jam with other players. Now I try to practice a little more every day.

I am excited to drink more tea here. That same friend that got me into harmonica also got me into drinking tea. Since I lived in Kunming I have tried more varieties of tea than I care to count. I have a particular fondness for Puerh tea. I find that tea is the best to have before or after a workout. It gives you a lot of energy. I’ll need it to carry all the different kinds of tea I will bring home with me.

Besides fine tea, I’m looking forward to enjoying different local delicacies like Egg Noodle Soup, Across the Bridge Noodles, and hot pot, as well as Lanzhou lamian (which is from another part of China). Across the Bridge Noodles are a specialty here. You get a huge bowl of broth and add the raw ingredients yourself to the soup which cooks them. Hot pot also uses raw ingredients however they are place in a huge pot in the middle of the table. The pot contains various spices in simmering water. This dish is very spicy. Lanzhou lamian is type of noodle dish where noodles are hand prepared usually right in front of you. It is quite a show to see.

The thing I’m looking forward to the most however is seeing my old friends. I can’t wait to show them how much I’ve got things turned around.

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Author: Andrew Dunn

Tea expert, owner of Calming Leaf.

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