5 Great Mood Boosters!

As important as it is to feed your body with healthy food, it is important to satiate your mind with nutrition that is good for the soul. A steady diet of healthy positive thinking can do wonders to elevate your mood and your mind. Here are 5 things you can do to boost your mood. 

5. Listen to Positive Music

From ancient monks chanting to Mozart’s classical music to The Chainsmokers it has been long noted that music has long been known that music affects our mood. Just as sad music can help us grieve, positive music can boost our mood. For me the genre doesn’t matter so much as how upbeat the song is. A good song can distract us from the daily grind and put us in a meditative state as we shout out the words along with singer. I also like to listen to instrumental music as it just makes everything you do seem so badass and heroic. I suggest putting together a playlist of songs that make you feel good, songs that get your toes tapping, songs that make you want to…

4. Dance

Whether you have moves like Jagger or flail about like you wet willied an electric outlet, you should dance often. Dancing is a great exercise. You can do it alone, with friends or with people you just met! As an exercise it releases endorphins and can help you connect with other people. Don’t worry what you look like to others because they’ll either be to self conscious, or enjoying themselves to much to notice you doing the robot. If they do notice something, it’ll be the confidence you have to dance.

3. Meditate

You don’t have to spend years in a cave contemplating zen koans to experience the benefits of meditation. A few minutes focusing on your breathing can be enough to take your mind off of things. Meditation has been shown to lower stress and raise the general mood of people who meditate regularly. It can also help you deal with your emotions better and help you focus more clearly.

2. Watch a Comedy 

Anything that makes you laugh can easily brighten your day. There are countless videos on YouTube alone and are short enough to watch whenever you feel like it. If you have time you can put on a movie and have some popcorn with some friends. A good comedy movie or video should be able to take your mind off of your problems at least for a while.

1. Kill the ANTs

It is important to make it a habit of killing your ANTs(Automatic Negative Thoughts). Whenever an ANT enters your mind you can kill it by reminding your self that it isn’t true and tell your self something positive. If you find yourself dwelling on the negative thoughts then try it distracting yourself to take your mind off of it. Dwelling on negative thoughts will only lead to more negative thoughts and this can drain your energy. You can break the cycle by thinking about positive things about yourself. ANTs are never true.

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