C25K Callenge Day 5

IMG_9853.JPGToday I just had some eggs for breakfast with a bit of cinnamon, I snacked on some oranges throughout the day and had some leftover chicken pot pie for lunch. I did my run around 2:00 pm today and lifted weights right after.I had to do part of the run without the app I use as it froze and made me quit the workout. That is a little frustrating because I paid money for the app. I bought the app to help me exercise better and I did not like the ads in the free version. I hope this does not happen again.

I have been drinking my Panda Brew Sencha green tea all day. I have probably had 10 cups by now. I am not sure what I will have for dinner but I am definitely going to have a bit of popcorn for a snack later.

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Author: Andrew Dunn

Tea expert, owner of Calming Leaf.

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