Beginning The Journey 

Two years ago I weighed just over 286lbs and suffered from depression. It was at that point I decided to start doing something about my weight. When I was a teenager I was quite athletic, I was on all the sports teams, and did track and field when I could, and loved doing karate. I was in shape.
A year into my weight loss journey, I got fed up with just how much of a struggle I was having losing weight. For every two steps forward there was a step backwards. Then it dawned on me that while I knew how to train when I was fit, I had no idea how to train as a fat person. I thought I could just do what I did before, eat like I did before, and it would all work out. I was wrong about that. It worked to a degree, as I am down around 25lbs since that fateful day on the scale, but it was a struggle that was not sustainable for me.

I tried different diets to no avail and all the high impact exercise I did just left me with painful shins and sore knees. I blew out my shoulder three years ago from lifting weights improperly and did not want to injure my knees as well. I had to think about how I could exercise in a safer manner and about how I could eat more healthy without “dieting.”

While thinking about my health and what it means to be healthy, I realized that physical and mental health were more closely connected than I knew. I thought I was fighting for my health on two fronts, the mental and physical. I was treating my mind and body as if they had little to no connection.

Now I take a more inclusive approach to my health. I eat foods that not only have a positive effect on my body, but also my mind. I do exercises that I enjoy, Because they both effect each other. When my body is energized my mind will follow, when my mind is energized my body will follow. It’s a two way street and you need to know how to drive on it.

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